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North Korea is still difficult to thaw relations

Korean Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the motherland on the 7th's spokesman, flatly rejected South Korean President Lee Myung-bak proposed recently with North Korean leader Kim Jong-il's proposal to hold talks. This shows that the North Korea-South Korea relations "cold" is still continuing.

North Korea-South Korea relations experience "cold" at the Government of Korea Lee Myung-bak took office in February this year.

     Prior to this, the Korean Lee Myung-bak government has been holding a wait and see attitude, and publicity through the media repeatedly signed the North Korea-South Korea summit must adhere to the "North-South Joint Declaration" and "North-South relations and the development of the Universal Declaration of peace and prosperity," Lee Myung-bak at the same time warning of what to take North Korea policy of the future will have an important impact on the situation on the peninsula. However, this all has not changed in Lee Myung-bak government's stance on North Korea-South Korea relations and attitudes.

     Lee Myung-bak proposed the "nuclear-free, open, 3000" policy toward North Korea, that is, to resolve the North Korea nuclear issue, the premise of an open North Korea, South Korea will help North Korea in 10 years to achieve per capita income reached 3,000 U.S. dollars.

     However, in the Korean view, advocates of this policy with the North Korea's "independence", "help the national total," "reconciliation and cooperation" policy out of tune. In particular, Lee Myung-bak has made no mention of two "Declaration", and are not satisfied with North Korea.

  In the past 10 years, North Korea-South Korea relations have been easing, reconciliation, cooperation in the new scene: two held a summit meeting and issued the two "Declaration"; for the ministerial talks, such as multi-channel, full range of contact ; held a reunion of the separated families to meet and video; carried out Mt Kaesong tourism and cooperation in industrial parks and so on.

     North Korea believes that these positive results obtained from the two sides to implement the "Declaration" and the Lee Myung-bak is to deny and ignore the full two "Declaration", "at least there is no moral acts rude."

     Lee Myung-bak of the proposed North-South summit talks held in the background is: the "beef crisis" troubled, Lee Myung-bak government support rate dropped; the face of North Korea-South Korea relations, "cold" policy toward the North Korea by its multi-queries and criticisms; in North Korea nuclear issue, the Korean government increasing the voice and weight to reduce North Korea-US relations, North Korea-Japan relations loose ... ... Analysts believe that Lee Myung-bak of the proposed summit, a great transfer of the domestic line of sight, means to reduce internal and external pressures.

  North Korea Lee Myung-bak is still on the hard-line position taken by the Government: the political dialogue with the South Korea refused to economically cut off from the official, the disruption of humanitarian issues in the talks and the reunion of the separated families and other activities, while in the military continue to strengthen the South Korea-US attack force, tensions intensified.

     Observers believe that North Korea does not want such a policy. However, treatment of the two "Declaration" North Korea's attitude is not a matter of principle to make concessions, as long as Lee Myung-bak government to recognize the two "Declaration", all problems can be discussed.


« North Korea may fire a missile in Hawaii | トップページ | Chaussures Sport、 MBT shoes and cheap shoes »





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